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Women, War & Peace – Special on PBS

This week, PBS is airing a five part series entitled: “Women, War & Peace” highlighting the unique struggles of women during war time. Women, who in many countries are denied the rights of voting or serving in the military, often suffer disproportionately during warfare – the victims of domestic attacks and gender based torture methods (such as rape). PBS is highlighting the story of women during war in places such as Bosnia, Somalia, and Darfur.

To learn more about the series, see the website, which includes behind the scenes stories, analysis, and greater detail than covered in the television series. An important look at how warfare affects the home front and those who have the least power in starting or stopping it.

Somalia’s First Female Archaeologist – Sade Mire

CNN highlights Somalia’s first female archaeology – Sade Mire.

Sade fled Somalia in the wake of genocidal civil war in the 1980s, returning to her country of birth only a few years ago. She has since uncovered and brought to light Somalia’s precious and little understood prehistoric peoples – including rock art more than 5,000 year old.

Read more about Sade (and see her interview) in CNN’s blog here.