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An update to going paperless with the iPad (via Feker)

Many of us have been contemplating paperless (or virtually paperless) classrooms. This is a great discussion about how to do that with the iPad.

Oh, and I traded my Pogo stylus for a Just Mobile one – far superior!

An update to going paperless with the iPad I wrote in a previous post about going paperless.  I wanted to give an update.  On the writing side I tried the Pogo stylus but after some time decided I didn't like it.  It's too thin to hold and thus there is not a pen feel to it and the top feels like a piece of sponge cut off and glued on.  Also I didn't like how it felt to write on the screen, it didn't really glide across the screen as I had imagined and it was more forced across the screen … Read More

via Feker