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I am Moving to a new Position at the Ransom Everglades School

It is with excitement as well as sadness that I announce I am leaving my current institution, Trinity Valley School, to take  the position of Director of Academic Technology at Ransom Everglades School in Miami, Florida.

Trinity Valley has been an amazing school for me. I have been given the opportunity grow and learn as a professional and to work with students from around the globe. I will miss the friends and connections that I have made here.

At the same time, I am thrilled to be joining the staff at Ransom Everglades. A top independent school and right next to my alma mater (the University of Miami), I am exited to take up new responsibilities and explore new endeavors.

I will continue to post on my blog about my adventures in technology in education.

Summer Course Day One – TVS Tech Kids

Tomorrow begins day one of my SSTVS course “Using New Technologies in Education.” Essentially, it’s a course on how to get use your Smart Phone and Computer for more than just Facebook. I’m really excited about the class but am concerned about developing my focus. I plan on presenting it in a work-shop-like format, low key, and let the kids lead the way. There are four, one and a half hour classes and I have eager kiddos – Middle School Age through High School. I’ve sent out a mass email telling them all to bring their smart phones, tablets, and laptops and made arrangements to have a classroom set of computers! I’m very excited.

Tomorrow, I think that we’re going to focus on setting up accounts and installing software (on both computers and smartphones/tablets).

First and foremost will be google. Setting up a google and gmail account will allow us to play with things like Google Docs, Google Goggles, Google Books, Google Scholar, and even Google Earth (if bandwidth permits).

I also want to introduce them to DropBox, which I use to sync files between computers (as a floating teacher, this one is a life saver).

We’ll also play with Evernote which is a great, free tool for organizing, well… everything.

I may have even gotten my Computer Tech person to install Diigo on the computers (fingers crossed).

I’ve also got a MindMeister map set up – it’s a fun tool for collaboration and free form planning (both individually and as a group).

Largely, the kids’ knowledge and familiarity with these tools is going to dictate the course. My initial thought is to give them some joint projects to develop – otherwise, I can let them work it out how they can best put them to use. I’m excited to see where this goes!