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The Faces of the Crewmen of the USS Monitor to be Reconstructed

Crew of the USS Monitor

The USS Monitor was one of the first iron clad naval ships and most famous for engaging in battle with the Merrimack (in the first battle between ironclad ships). When the turret of the Monitor was raised, two skeletons were found along with it.

Now, forensic anthropologists are using the skulls of the deceased crewmen in an attempt to reconstruct the faces of the ship’s sailors. The men both appear to be Caucasian and between the ages of 17 and 24.  If successful, this will be the first time their faces have been seen in more than a hundred and fifty years.

To learn more about the USS Monitor, see the article in MSNBC.

More New Findings at Civil War POW Camp

Continued excavations at the newly discovered Camp Lawton in Georgia are bringing to light new information on life in Confederate P.O.W. camps. Archaeologists have been able to identify the regiments and ranks of various soldiers based on moments and medals that the prisoners retained (and subsequently lost) during their interments.

To learn more about the recent archaeological discoveries, check out this story on MSNBC or here at CNN.

The Battle of Bull Run

This month’s Smithsonian Magazine highlights the Battle of Bull Run (or as my kin would call it, the Battle of Manassas). The battle was the first significant skirmish of the American Civil War and highlighted the realities that the war would not be quick won or easily fought.

Initially in the presence of cheering crowds that had gathered for the ‘entertainment,’ the spectators quickly realized the horrors they witnessed.

Read the story of Bull-Run and the beginnings of America’s bloodiest war in the Smithsonian Magazine Article: “The Battle of Bull Run: the End of Illusions.”

Take the “Ultimate History Quiz” by the History Channel

The History Channel has the “Ultimate History Quiz

Play the Ultimate History Quiz from History.com, featuring thousands of questions about American and global history trivia. Challenge your friends, and see how you stack up to the competition.

The Civil War 150: National Postal Museum

The National Postal Museum, a division of the Smithsonian, is commemorating the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War with several online and physical exhibits. View the collection via this website: National Postal Museum: The Civil War: 150 years. The collection includes commemorative stamps, reproductions of civil war era stamps, a series of letters written during the Civil War, and many, many more. It’s an amazing Civil War showcases. It’s well worth a peek!