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Women, War & Peace – Special on PBS

This week, PBS is airing a five part series entitled: “Women, War & Peace” highlighting the unique struggles of women during war time. Women, who in many countries are denied the rights of voting or serving in the military, often suffer disproportionately during warfare – the victims of domestic attacks and gender based torture methods (such as rape). PBS is highlighting the story of women during war in places such as Bosnia, Somalia, and Darfur.

To learn more about the series, see the website, which includes behind the scenes stories, analysis, and greater detail than covered in the television series. An important look at how warfare affects the home front and those who have the least power in starting or stopping it.

Macedonia Continues Plans to Erect Alexander Statue In Spite of Protests from Greece

The Republic of Macedonia is continuing with its plans to erect a large statue of Alexander the Great, ignoring protests by Greece and modern scholars. Alexander the Great, the famous conquerer of the 4th century BCE, was born in the Kingdom of Macedonia, a region now located in the Northern regions of Modern Greece.

The Kingdom of Macedonia ca 4th c. BCE

The Modern Republic of Macedonia is the result of the break up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The Republic declared its independence in 1991, forming their own, independent state. The new Republic’s naming was in and of itself controversial, as it is located outside of historic Macedonia and seemingly misleading. For many Greeks, the connection to Alexander the Great is a source of national pride. The relationship has been so caustic that Greece has successfully blocked the young country’s admission to NATO and the UN.

Map of the Modern Republic of Macedonia

Most alarmingly Macedonia has sought to perpetuate the notion that their country is connected (geographically and culturally) to Alexander the Great, most recently with the construction of a monument and statue to his honor. The situation has become so alarming that a coalition of prominent international scholars sent a letter to President Obama in 2009 and continue to protest the Republic of Macedonia’s usurpation of history. You can read about this initiative here. The Republic is moving forward with its plan to erect a statue of the famous conquerer in spite of recent protests. Read more about this recent development in this new BBC article.

If History is stripped of her truth what is left is only an idle tale

Polybius, Histories 1.14.6