Students & Technology (via

Check out this very cool info graphic from Some very cool (and some very frightening) info:


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  1. Jim Wheeler

    Truly, Jennifer, this is a sea change not only in society but in education. We couldn’t stop it even if we wanted to, so I suppose we must manage it. I note one assertion claims a rise of 5 grade points as a consequence of using digital devices. What is a “grade point” in this context? 4.0 scale? 5.0?

    Interestingly, here in tornado-ravaged Joplin MO two classes of our high school are preparing for classes in an abandoned mall store, since the high school was destroyed. They somehow got a modular set-up together in only three months (amazing!) and, as an inducement not to move out of the district, every student is to get free use of a computer laptop. The nation of Abu Dhabi, of all places, just announced a donation of $1.5 million in support of the $2.7 million total needed to do this. (There’s lots of money awash around here in the tornado’s wake.)

    I find it interesting that they chose laptops and not iPads. iPads can have separate keyboards, can they not? Maybe laptops are more durable? Any insights? Anyway, little old Joplin is about to become an interesting experiment in education.

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      As to your first question – I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s GPA or standardized tests. It does have sources at the bottom so I will try to find that info.
      As to the second, they probably elected to go with laptops because they still have mo computing power and can be less expensive than iPads (currently). I’d i had the choice, I would go with laptops over ipads.


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