Update on Using Class Blogs

Last week, I missed a few days of class as the killer strep throat I had contracted was virulent and spread – becoming walking pneumonia. As such, I gave my students a blog assignment to do ‘in class’ on the French and Indian War. I planned for the assignment to take all of class time (anything not completed to be finished at home). The assignment was as follows:

  • How did the French and the English use Native Americans as “weapons” during the French and Indian War. Answer should be in full sentences, using specific examples, a minimum of 100 words, a minimum of two sources cited (MLA format).

I was quite surprised at the work they turned in, well thought out and reasoned responses and included their citations. I also offered them extra credit for commenting on their classmates’ work, but did not get any takers. This is my US History class (Juniors and Seniors) who are more reluctant to use technology. I’m including a couple of examples here. There are a couple of typos, but overall solid work for a one day assignment for a homework grade.

7 thoughts on “Update on Using Class Blogs

  1. Ken Gribble

    I’m always surprised that there is any reluctance to use technology with anyone under 30. What is the reason? All I could come up with is that it might not be “cool”; but, I believe that is my ’80s perspective talking.

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      You know, my younger students (9th graders) are really excited about it. It’s the older students that are not as wild. I think it’s because there is the initial investment and it’s a change to how they’ve been doing things for years.

  2. norm

    An interesting facet of North American conflict among the tribes took place in the 1650s. The Huron, a western group, were trading with the French who brought their goods in by canoe, the Iroquois, an eastern group were trading off the Dutch ships docked in what is now New York City. The terms of trade were better for the Iroquois because they were trading right off the boat. When war came between the two tribes, the Iroquois were armed with guns to a man, whereas the Huron might have had one gun for every 10 men, I’ve seen numbers of as little as one in a hundred. The conflict ran for ten years but in the end a group that numbered but a tenth in numbers won. Here in Ohio the Iroquois killed all of the Erie tribe just to provide a buffer on their western border. This conflict set up the players for the wars 100 years latter.

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