Take Classes at MIT & Harvard for Free

MIT and Harvard University have announced a joint venture: edX which, starting the Fall of 2012, start providing free online courses for all. Students will receive a grade, but no actual credit (sorry, no Harvard Degree without enrollment). The hope is to provide ready access to online education along with prime educational material to interested parties. This is an exciting and innovative step in online education.

3 thoughts on “Take Classes at MIT & Harvard for Free

  1. Jim Wheeler

    Churlish of me I know, but I can’t help being reminded of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz finally getting his diploma at the end. That document alone delivered self-confidence and public esteem.

    I find it deeply ironic that the knowledge is virtually free but the imprimatur costs big bucks. And is it not doubly ironic that half of all Ivy League graduates are in the bottom half of their classes? I would feel better about it if there were a universal standard of quality for each major, but there’s nothing even approaching such a thing.

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