Call for Papers on Co-Creative Public Archaeology

Great opportunity for my friends that work in Museums.

Other Voices

I will appreciate any feedback of interest or forwarding this call to others you think might be interested:

Call for Papers for the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology Meetings, April 24 – 27 Austin

Co-Creation, the Public and the Archaeological Record

Robert Connolly (University of Memphis) and Elizabeth Bollwerk (University of Virginia)

Co-creation in public archaeology is a means to engage and empower citizens to become stakeholders of the archaeological record.  In museum contexts Simon (2010:278) writes that the purpose of co-creative community projects is “to give voice and be responsive to the needs and interests of local community members; to provide a place for community engagement and dialogue; and to help participants develop skills that will support their own individual and community goals.” Co-creation moves beyond simple “hands-on” educational experiences because participants are invited to play an active role in designing and constructing the final products to address their needs…

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