The Paperless Classroom with Google Drive

If you’ve wanted to try a paperless classroom, or just want to explore Google Drive this document explains it all to you. From the nuts and bolts “How do you share a document?” to process, “How to get students to name things properly,” it’s all here.

The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs | Diigo.


5 thoughts on “The Paperless Classroom with Google Drive

  1. Crystal

    I’ve sent your link to my mom, a teacher in Ohio. If you suddenly get a spike in traffic from the Dayton area, you’ll know the teaching Batsignal went out (it’s in the shape of an apple, right?).

    I migrated to the cloud several years ago, and I was the first of anyone I knew to use Google Drive once it was developed. I have to admit, I love it — so much that I just replaced my old laptop with a Samsung Google Chromebook. Drive does wonders for my organization skills, too. It taught me to be a bit more disciplined about my folders and such. Even still, if I flake out I can run a keyword search and (unlike Windows) the right document appears in the results.

    Thanks for posting the link to the how-to.

      1. Crystal

        I love it. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I’m now trying to push the idea of one onto my mom (teacher), and I’ve heard great things from friend here in ATX about it being the perfect machine for her kids’ classrooms.

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