Tools to help you Learn Google Earth

Google Earth is an amazing tool that educators can use to devise lesson plans, stage field trips, and pose projects. However, it can feel overwhelming to learn and develop. If you want to invest a little time and effort, check out the tools that Google itself provides to help you move from beginner to expert in no time.


Start with Learn Google Earth. Lessons are interactive, brief, and easy to follow. They are also stepped so you can learn what you want and need. Google also recognizes that educators have special needs, so check out Tutorials for Educators. Here you will find some great tools to help you incorporate Google Earth into your classroom. Under Classroom Resources you can find lesson plans and examples for your subject matter. There’s also a great YouTube channel set up just to help people get to know Google Earth!

3 thoughts on “Tools to help you Learn Google Earth

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  2. Sandra Q. Chase

    Using GoogleEarth in the Classroom [Blog Post] Using GoogleEarth in the Classroom GoogleEarth is a great tool for education (more than just hunting for your house and seeing if you can count the missing shingles from your roof). One great idea that I’ve passed on to a few of our teachers is using GoogleEarth as the starting point for creating Scavenger Hunts and WebQuests. Depending on grade level, student ability, and comfort level of the teacher these can be as simple or as complex as you want.


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