Google Cultural Institute – Famous People

search fieldsIf you haven’t been to Google Arts & Culture lately (previously Google Art Project), then check out some of the new features. I recently discovered that you can organize and search by: Historical events, Historical figures, and Places. As a history and social studies teacher, this is a great feature. For example, if I’m teaching Ancient History, I can do a search for Alexander the Great and pull up a series of images, maps, quotes, and more that are in the Google Arts & Culture database. Likewise, I can search for his famous victory during the Battle of Issus and pull up corresponding works of art. It’s a great tool to explore visual resources on various topics.

1 thought on “Google Cultural Institute – Famous People

  1. robertlfs

    I had a conversation with the Google folks at the Museum and Computer Network Conference this past fall. The Google Cultural Institute is also curating images from museums and archaeological sites throughout the world. We discussed generating entries from rural sites and museums in Peru. They were extremely helpful and encouraging. For nonprofits, one can pretty easily upload and create sites that will be hosted by Google.

    More opportunities for user-generated content.


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