The Perils of Grading… The Dog Ate My Homework!

Every teacher I know, loathes grading. Of course, the simple solution is to not assign work to students. As tempting as that is, it would defeat our overall objective. My students recently completed a research paper. I now have 87, 1,000 word papers waiting for me to examine and grade them all. I am now about a quarter of the way through, and I don’t see the end on the horizon.

Now, one of my favorite blogs, not that kind of doctor has a brilliant post that highlights the five stages of grading, I believe I’m on stage #2 – Anger. I expect to fully break down sobbing at any moment.

I’ve also tried to employ my dogs – make them earn their dinner.

My little dog, Boudicca, is a terrier mutt mix. Like most small and mixed breed dogs, she’s highly intelligent and manipulative. I figured that the best thing to do would be to teach her a new ‘trick,’ this did not go well:

Next, I tried to employ Dixie. Dixie is my loveable and sweet (albeit not too bright) English Mastiff. I figured I could get her eat the papers (a turn on the ‘dog at my homework’). I figured that the worst case scenario, she could just drool through all of the layers. This also did not succeed:

So, I guess my only recourse is to go back to grading… grading…

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