Hidden Hieroglyphics Discovered in the Great Pyramid at Giza

Recent explorations in the Great Pyramid at Giza have recently discovered new hieroglyphs painted red. The discovery was made by robots, specially designed to reach previously inaccessible regions of the pyramid.

Archaeologists hope that this new discovery will help Egyptologists to further understand the role of the pyramids in Egyptian ritual. You can read more about the discovery in this Discovery News Article.

4 thoughts on “Hidden Hieroglyphics Discovered in the Great Pyramid at Giza

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  2. Jim Wheeler

    Interesting. The ancient Egyptian society fascinates me because it was so organized and because it functioned effectively to build such enduring projects as massive art and the pyramids. Clearly, human beings are most effective when they have projects that unite them. Do I recall correctly that the laborers who built the pyramids were not slaves, but rather a populace united in a common purpose, probably religious in nature?

    The robot sounds interesting too. I was a battery engineer in my second career and I am wondering if it was battery powered.

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      There is a lot of debate about how the labor force to build the pyramids was organized – slave labor, a form of tax-based labor, or otherwise. It really seems like it was likely a combination of slave and free workers.

      There should be details in the article about the robot construction. I would think it would have to be battery/remote operated, but could be wrong.

  3. bobbyjrb

    It is clear from very obvious and basic visual inspection that the Pyramids were clearly built with advanced engineering technology.
    Very easily proved.
    One of these very same robots measured the vertical/and level deviance of many of the interior shafts of the Great Giza Pyramid (big G). The preciseness and accuracy is at a level that we can match only now. Surely not thousands of years ago.
    This is irrefutable proof of advanced engineering technology and principles.

    Looking deeper, many political interests around the world and within Egypt itself, have absolutely zero interest in getting to any of the more controversial sites within Big G. There are plenty of secret/unknown shafts (e.g. central shaft) and rooms that we have yet to hear about.

    The truth of the Giza Pyramid is that the natural choice of limestone and granite within its structure was precisely chosen not only for its strength but for its electrical and mechnical properties. Specifically the ability to convert mechanical forces into electrical forces (quartz crystal).
    Yes indeed, the truth is not something the world powers want out.
    But it will, sooner rather than later.


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