Top 10 Educational Apps for Facebook by David Kapuler

Facebook and other Social Media is new and tricky ground for all educators. Many of us recognize that it can be a valuable tool and asset. For those who do use Facebook with their students (I cannot – we are not allowed to friend students), here are some great apps as shared by David Kapuler (and you don’t just have to use them with students). If you have others, please share them!

Top 10 Educational Apps for Facebook by David Kapuler.

  1. Send Files –  Easy way to send all different types of files, up to 2 MB.
  2. Study Hall – Great whiteboard app that’s ideal for displaying lots of different content. Also works on a variety of mobile devices.
  3. Slideshare –  Excellent way to share any style of presentation.
  4. Flashcardlet – Fun app for creating flashcards to study on Facebook.
  5. Quiz Monster –  Simple and fun way to create quizzes.
  6. Zoho Onlione Office –  Nice way to use the complete Zoho suite, with a good drag-n-drop interface.
  7. Webinairia –  Great way to create screencasts through Facebook – very innovative.
  8. Booktag – An app for sharing and commenting on books with others.
  9. To-Do-List –  Easy app for creating lists to get things done and then making them public or private.
  10. Typing Test – Fun way to practice your typing skills and then share your results with others in a friendly competition.

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