U.K. Trip is Coming to an End – Bitter Sweet… Bitter Sweet

Well, the trip to the U.K. is coming to an end. The conference at the American School in London – the Learning Institute. It was an amazing experience to meet new colleagues, network, and learn some new pedagogical skills to employ in the classroom. Lots of grew ideas got thrown around and presented!
Cambridge was wonderful. We lucked out with the weather and, even though the exhibits that we wanted to attend ended, we were able to get private tours from the Librarian Starlit Newman of Cambridge’s Library and shared the history and the grounds of Cambridge with us.
Lastly, we spent a few days in Edinburgh (where I once lived and attended the University of Edinburgh). While enjoying my nostalgia, we arranged a couple of meetings, the first with the local librarian Joe Marshal. Joe is the head librarian of rare and valuable books collection at the University of Edinburgh. He gave us an amazing tour of the rare books, conservation techniques, the goals of the program, and the history of the books at the University. He even let us touch a velum book, that he dated to around 800 CE. Amazing!
Next, we met with Dr. Fraser Hunter, the curator of Roman Antiquities at the Museum of Scotland. He was brilliant and gave us a whirlwind tour of the collection (you truly need more time to look at it properly – like 3 or 4 days). it was great to pick his brain and to learn more about early Scottish culture, and how the new museum had been developed.
Well, once have some more time to process (and my computer so I can post proper links), I’ll be sure to expand. I promise!

1 thought on “U.K. Trip is Coming to an End – Bitter Sweet… Bitter Sweet

  1. norm kwallek

    On old books: I brought a list of old atlases that I wanted to look at to the reference desk for a project I was working on, they were all gone, ripped off, every one. The looting of our libraries is a big problem.


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