TVS Tech Kids Day 3, Planning for Day 4

Today, we picked up where we left off with Evernote yesterday. We decided to skip the instructional video and let them jump in with both feet. To see what the lesson plan was for Evernote, check out my earlier post here.

The students seemed to really like Evernote and played with a number of the unique and fun ways they could create notes – taking photos of their classmates, drawing with ink notes, syncing between their desktop and their mobile devices, etc. Evernote seemed to play nicer with the older technology than Diigo, but we still had a few hiccups. The students all seemed to prefer Evernote to Diigo, but recognized that they serve different purposes. After they played with it, they made some notes on our Mind Meister map:

We spent a good chunk of time on Evernote, where they explored different tools and note-taking abilities. The last bit of class, we turned out attention to Google Docs and the other Google Applications. You can see this lesson plan here. The students really liked playing with the different Google Applications, so we made a class decision for work tomorrow – Finish up the lesson plan with Google Docs, touch on DropBox, and then let them play with the various Google Applications – they especially loved playing with Google Earth and Google Sky. Of course, there is an accompanying Mind Map:

Today, I actually had to kick them out of class at 2pm! Very exciting. Tomorrow is the last day. It’s been a great enrichment course and I hope that the kids have gotten as much out of it as I have.

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