More New Findings at Civil War POW Camp

Continued excavations at the newly discovered Camp Lawton in Georgia are bringing to light new information on life in Confederate P.O.W. camps. Archaeologists have been able to identify the regiments and ranks of various soldiers based on moments and medals that the prisoners retained (and subsequently lost) during their interments.

To learn more about the recent archaeological discoveries, check out this story on MSNBC or here at CNN.

2 thoughts on “More New Findings at Civil War POW Camp

  1. Jim Wheeler


    I am increasingly impressed and pleased since subscribing to your blog to find that modern archeology is not confined to ancient history but rather to a more recent events as well, events such as the Civil War here. Since the invention of writing, written accounts largely omit mundane details of daily life in favor of the unusual, and yet such things are an important context for those of us in the present to understand what life was really like for people. Those in your profession are to be commended for providing that information.

    I am old enough now that some such details are lodged in my own memory, such as visiting my grandparents in an old uninsulated farmhouse without electricity when I was a boy. When it was cold we slept under so many quilts I could hardly move. The privy was way out back. Chamber pots were used at night. We pumped all our water by hand from the well in the front yard and there was a communal ladle for drinking in the kitchen. Light came from kerosene lamps, not comfortable to read by. Laundry was done by hand on Mondays, and was women’s work. I even remember homemade soap!

    Reading history without understanding the common details of life is to gaze through a filter.

    Thanks, archeologists!

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I’m so glad that you have discovered some research and topics that directly interest you. While I’ll admit that my own interests are more focused on the ancient world, there is a lot of very cool stuff going on on more “modern” topics.


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