Digital Story-Telling Lesson Plan

Today, I introduced a research project to my students for the Indus Valley Civilization. This time, it will be presented in the form of Digital Story-Telling. I first learned about this pedagogy while at the Learning Institute at the American School in London. I was eager to introduce this to my students and today issued the assignment. I will post the written assignments here, but note that we went over them in detail, explained questions, and then showed them some examples (including mine).

I went through the instructions with the students, and even showed them the “Digital Story” that I made:

The initially had mixed reactions to the assignments. Some are very excited – others are non-too thrilled. We’ll see how it goes, however. I’m hoping that this will be both a fun and educational exercise – teaching students new skills, how to research, how to cite materials, how to troubleshoot technological issues, and even develop some creativity.

4 thoughts on “Digital Story-Telling Lesson Plan

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt

    Digital Story Telling? Wow! You inspire and embarrass me at the same time. I am truly in awe of you, Jennifer. I wish I could be a student in your classroom. I hope your school is fully aware of how fortunate they are to have you there. I should imagine any independent school in the country worth their salt would snap you up in a heartbeat.

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I am so excited about doing this. Obviously students with different skill levels will present different calibres of work. Still, I’m excited to present it in a new format and allowing students to exercise their creative muscles. Michael, you can always take a tech class with me 😉

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