Students & Technology Through the Ages

Daily Infographic highlights the relationship between students and technology since the beginning of time.

6 thoughts on “Students & Technology Through the Ages

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    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      Finally got the opportunity to read the article. The Waldorf School system has been around for a very long time. While I do not wholly dismiss traditional methods, I’m not a big fan of eradicating it in its entirety. The Silicon Valey school is of interest of course due to its geography, but keep in mind that most of these kids are readily saturated with technology in the home and their other environments. In such a case, technology removal can be viewed as a way of keeping variety in their lives (an important element to any curriculum).
      Personally, I’m not in favor of ‘all or nothing,’ but rather a mix. I don’t eradicate traditional methods (my students read from books, hand-write essays, and will even outline material by hand). However, I also then try to incorporate other methodologies and tools – be they making videos, blogging, creating a PowerPoint presentation, etc.
      When they hit University and ‘the real world,’ they’ll be expected to use these tools (and no one will be holding their hand to teach them how). The more comfort I can give them, the more engaged it makes them, the more connected they are the better (in my opinion). However, I look at it as part of the broader spectrum – not an either or.

      1. Jim Wheeler

        Sounds like an excellent assessment to me, Jennifer.

        One thing in the Waldorf concept stood out to me – the students raising a garden. What a great concept! It has hands-on work, responsibility required for success, organization and division of labor required, visible results, problems and challenges to be overcome, marketing aspects, biology, environmental concerns, entomology, and health benefits – they can eat their work.

        As you might know, Joplin’s high school was totaled in last May’s tornado and they are rebuilding it. I submitted a recommendation to a member of the school board that the design include a student vegetable garden. I sure hope it happens.

      2. Jennifer Lockett Post author

        I agree. I love things like that. our school has been trying to implement a community garden (for many of the reasons you mention s well as promoting concepts of sustainability and good nutrition). It’s just one of those things that is a challenge to organize if someone doesn’t already have a passion for it, especially when our school basics (reading, writing, arithmetic) are already faltering.

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