Sorry – the Maya did *not* Predict the End of the World in 2012

2012 – it’s been the subject of conspiracy theories, catastrophic predictions, and terrible, terrible films. People frequently cite the ‘ancient wisdom’ of the Maya that the end of the world is nigh. However, the 2012 phenomenon is one of the greatest fallacies of history. The Maya, in fact, never predicted the world would end in 2012

While it is true that the Mayan calendrical cycle, which spans approximately 5,125 years and begins with their creation event (in 3114 BCE) ends December 21, 2012 it does not mean dire and catastrophic world’s end. In fact, it simply means that the clock will start over (much like when the odometer goes from 999,999 it starts back over at 0).

So, don’t get all your crazy partying out now, plan for 2013. If you want to learn more about the Mayan Calendar and the consequences of 2012, see the article in National Geographic.


9 thoughts on “Sorry – the Maya did *not* Predict the End of the World in 2012

  1. Alek von Bülow

    Dear Indiana Jen,

    While google searching American teachers and the Mayan calendar, I stumbled upon your blog. You are part of the misinformation campaign to silence the truth! The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve under the inspection of the Queen of England will cause global destruction in the financial markets come January 1st 2012! You must spread this information! You must realize the truth! You have an obligation to your students!

    Alek von Bülow, a totally real person who is definitely real

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I totally thought that you were some crazy fake person until I read your name and epithet “A totally real person who is definitely real.” Thank God!!

      PS: The Maya said it was December 21, 2012 rather than January 1, 2012. Is it that the chaos will start January 1 and then build up until explosion until December 21, or that the Maya were wrong on the month but got the year right?

      1. Alek von Bülow

        Dear Indiana Jen,

        Why do you mock me? I have it under the highest authority, i.e. my menagerie of glass dolphins who form a heart, that this will occur January 1st 2012. The Mayans used a similar menagerie (of crystal skulls) to determine the end of days. We have misread their calendar; it is clear that the financial meltdown will begin on January 1st 2012.

        I am not sure what will occur come December 21 2012. Hopefully by that time you will have taught your students the truth about the Mayan calendar.

        Alek von Bülow, still a totally real person who is definitely real.

      2. Jennifer Lockett Post author

        By your calculations I will teach my children nothing as we will all be dead. Thank god. I was going to do all that lesson planning for nothing!!

  2. norm

    I’m working on a Guatemalan trip for the big event. I’m looking at Mixco Viejo in the highlands. It is a ruin set on a leveled off hilltop out in the middle of nowhere. The place gets a lot of use by the local Maya.The caretakers even have a set-up for overnight camping. My guess is that Mixco Viejo will be a “real” Mayan event with few of the gringos who will be at Tikal .

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      You should absolutely make a stop by Tikal if you have the opportunity. It’s a magnificent site!
      I hate to be the bearer of parade raining, but Mayan culture died out centuries ago (the Spanish killed off the remnants that were still around on their arrival).
      Revivalist culturalists of today do not speak the same language, practice the same religion, or perform the same rituals of their Mayan ancestors. Unless they’re piercing their penises with stingray spines, running thorny twine through their tongues, and beheading their enemies as a blood offering to their Gods, it’s not a real Mayan ritual either. However, even revivalist ritual can be amazing to watch. Enjoy your trip and post photos of the event. I’m intrigued. Obviously, if they do any of the listed above, use antibiotics 😉

  3. Michelle Nelson

    Hmmm sounds like an internet troll!

    That is a relief, I don’t need to worry about my student loan debt then!

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      How dare you suggest that Alek, a totally real human being, is a troll. Would a troll give me information on unlicensed Mexican pharmacies? HOW DARE YOU!!! 😉

  4. Michelle Nelson


    I’m impressed to see where you have sited your sources to your theories to the truth about the Mayans. I am about the truth as well, but the difference is I like to see facts. To say you are under the “highest authority” but won’t state who or what, shows you are obviously lying. I am also glad to see that a robot is not typing your responses and a “real” person is. Comforts me!


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