AP Art History – Blogging in the Classroom (an Update)

A few months ago, I posted an article “Using Blogs in Class – AP Art History.” I felt that it was time for a quick update to the project. As with any lesson plan, I’ve modified it over the course of the year. I still find it to be one of the most effective exercises for my students. A quick review, the students are required to choose one image from the most recent chapters we’ve covered (usually they choose from 2-3 chapter sections). No two students may do the same project – the first one to post to the blog has ‘legitimate claim,’ thus they have to check online to see what’s happening. Here are the formal written instructions (changes in bold):

Instructions: Select one image from either Chapter x, y, or z (only one student may do each image, first call first serve).

Written Portion:

  • On the Class Blog Write the Title of the Work, Artist, and Date
  • Write a brief physical description of the image
  • Write a brief description of the image’s historical and social context
  • Minimum 100 words
  • Spelling & Grammar Count
  • Include a brief Works Cited at the end (MLA format), you should include at least 2 sources (including your textbook)
  • Be sure to put your name in the Tag

Oral Portion:

  • One Power Point Slide
  • Include a copy of the image
  • Include the Title of the Work, Artist, and Date
  • Indicate five principles of design, at least three most from the assigned chapter reading.
  • Prepare a two minute (minimum) discussion of the piece, its significance, and its history (this information should not be written on the slide).
  • Save the PowerPoint in DropBox at TVS Art History Share –> Student Projects –> Project 2.Last Name.ppt

As you can see, the biggest changes that I have made are requiring that they use five principals of design (not just three) and that three of those most come from the chapter, to reemphasize new vocabulary. Now, it’s Spring Semester so some of my Senior have gotten a bit of “Senioritis” but overall, they’re still putting forward some great work. Again, I reemphasize the usefulness of DropBox as a tool here for the students to all store and have access to the work – when the AP test rolls around, I hope that they will use these slides as a set of ‘flash-cards’. Here is what their shared folder looks like:

They also have the opportunity to meaningfully comment on another students work to earn a few extra credit points. Here are some examples of their latest work:

5 thoughts on “AP Art History – Blogging in the Classroom (an Update)

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  2. Szoetewey

    I teach APAH also, and am just beginning to try blogging/discussion forum type of work with them. I tried a similar approach in posting on a specific piece and ‘presenting’ it in class when we got to that piece, but the oral part did not work as well. They’ve posted a few times to build up their image bank, and I’m planning on beginning some discussion forums and/or making them respond and comment on each other’s work more now that we’ve got some technical glitches out of the way. (wordpress being hacked slowed things down).
    If you want to see what we’ve been doing the last 6 weeks, our site is http://www.ap-arthistory.com . Any feedback or ideas would be great.

    1. Jennifer Carey Post author

      Thanks so much I’ll check it out! I use a presentation rubric for their oral reports which has helped a great deal – plus, it’s worth as much in their grade as a test!

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