MindMeister – Using Mind Mapping for Online Collaboration

I have been an avid user and promotor of MindMeister since I was introduced to the program more than a year ago. My students use it in the classroom, for studying, and for collaboration on projects and material. I use it to organize lesson plans and to collaborate with students.

MindMeister just published an excellent post about using their tool for online collaboration. See the article: “Mind Mapping – Online Collaboration“. It highlights the programs abilities to organize, list, and collaborate on a multitude of topics.


5 thoughts on “MindMeister – Using Mind Mapping for Online Collaboration

    1. Jennifer Carey Post author

      The reason I like this program more than others is the collaborative factor. My students can simultaneously collaborate with one another. For them, it’s a great tool for organizing and studying.

  1. Arjen ter Hoeve

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for sharing this link. I will have a look at it. It is very useful that mindmeister can do this. More and more people are working together online using mindmaps.



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