Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Every semester, I assign my students a Digital Storytelling project. The first time around, the students always find it a challenge. This is often the first time they have put together a research project of this calibre using a creative medium. They push themselves, meet challenges, and ultimately find themselves with a brilliant product that they are proud to display. This year, we rolled them out once again. For your review, I am attaching the lesson plan as well as the grading rubric:

Download the instruction sheet in PDF form here: Digital Story Instructions (I grant permission for instructors to use this material for educational purposes so long as they cite me).

Digital Storytelling Rubric can be downloaded in PDF form here: Digital Storytelling Rubric

As always, the students wowed me with their productions. Here are a few samples:

A few key elements that I changed this year was a strong emphasis on Copyright Licenses, especially highlighting the use of Creative Commons Licensed Content. I highlighted this endeavor in a recent article: “How to Find License-Free Content for use in the Classroom.”

If you would like to compare this project with previous versions, see: “My First Attempt at Employing Digital Storytelling in the Classroom.”

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