iPad Summit – Keynote Speaker Tony Wagner

The iPad Summit officially kicked off with its keynote address given by Harvard Professor Dr. Tony Wagner. Dr. Wagern is the author of the best selling book, Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People who will Change the World.

His talk focused on the changing needs of young people – innovation and creativity. What is most challenging for students and teachers is that we need to adapt our teaching and learning to incorporate failure. WIthout risk (and failure) there is no innovation. A highlight of his speech is below:

4 thoughts on “iPad Summit – Keynote Speaker Tony Wagner

  1. Anissa Labrador

    Dear Jen,
    I heard Tom Daccord speak at FETCin January and have been eager to learn more about the iPad summit. Thanks for sharing what you are learning! I’ll be pouring over your blog in the next few days.


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