Envisioning Tech: The Future of Education Technology

This post is reproduced from Envisioning Tech and created by the learning experts TFE Experts and Envisioning Tech Strategist Michell Zappa

Education lies at a peculiar crossroad in society. On one hand it has the responsibility of anticipating real-life skills by preparing us for an increasingly complex world – but education methodologies can only be formalized after practices have been defined. This dichotomy is particularly aggravated when it comes to technology, where fast-paced innovation and perpetual change is the only constant.

This visualization attempts to organize a series of emerging technologies that are likely to influence education in the upcoming decades. Despite its inherently speculative nature, the driving trends behind the technologies can already be observed, meaning it’s a matter of time before these scenarios start panning out in learning environments around the world.


3 thoughts on “Envisioning Tech: The Future of Education Technology

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