Not Your Traditional Textbook

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Courtesy of Wikimedia

The next session I attended was virtual and entitled “Not Your Traditional Textbook” by Hetav Sanghavi of CK-12. CK-12 is a non-profit organization that provides free material in an open source, collaborative platform. CK-12’s primary focus is math and science for middle and high school learners. They provide all of the content they have created for free to teacher’s everywhere.

They provide free digital textbooks for state and common core aligned curriculum. It is flexible and can be downloaded on computers and tablets. They also have interactive learning objects (videos, audio, games, etc). They have both chrome and iPad apps. If you would like to learn more about CK-12, check out their YouTube Channel

With CK-12 books, you can take existing content and distribute it or you can modify it to meet your needs. You can even upload your own content. Textbooks include text, images, graphs, etc. All of the content is free to use and distribute.

They also provide assessment material (practice as well as grades) that will allow you to record student progress in real time.


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