Educators to Follow on Twitter this Year!

It’s already time to set up your classes and start planning lessons. If you are looking for some good ideas, check out these great teachers on Twitter! This list is by no means exhaustive. Just some great educators that inspire me every day!


@Sarahdateechur – Sarah Thomas serves as a teacher and technology liaison at the John Hanson French Immersion School in Maryland.

@JediKermit – Quinn Rollins is a Social Studies teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a brilliant LEGO enthusiast!

@KVroomEDU – Kelsey is the Director of Educational Technology at the Urban School in San Francisco, California. She is an emerging ISTE Leader and a superstar in the Independent School World.

@DigitalTeacher – Cheryl Davis regularly posts tools related to Apple and Google.

@iamDrWill – Will Deyamport wrote his dissertation on using Twitter for Professional Development! So, he is the literal expert on the topic!

@DevorahHeitner – Devorah is one of the best resources out there on Digital Citizenship and navigating a world of Digital Natives.

@DrTonyWagner – Wagner’s groundbreaking work “Creating Innovators” has been the talk of education. He regularly tweets out articles and thoughts on “breaking” education.

@TheTechRabbi – Talk about an avid online learner. The Tech Rabbi is one of the few educators I know who devours technology literature faster than I do!

@AmyBurvall – Amy is a History Teacher and maker of creative music videos.

@THEJLV – Jose Vilson is a math teacher and education advocate. His posts have made me think more about disparity in education than any other.

@TomWhitby – Tom is a veteran teacher of more than 34 years and regular contributor to Edutopia as well as founder of #edchat.

@iPadWells – I met Richard Wells at an iPad Summit. His work in New Zealand with iPads and Social Media is inspiring!

@ShawnMcCusker – A Social Studies Teacher and Tech Director in Illinois, you will learn something new form Shawn every day!

@MossPike – Moss Pike is an inspiration education technology enthusiast. You will learn about tablets, google, MOOCs, social media, and more on his posts!

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