Cost & Benefits of Online vs. Traditional College

Online and hybrid college courses and programs are becoming more prominent in higher education. While we are still early in the evolution of online education, there are some interesting trends appearing. For example, online courses are (on average) pricier than their brick and mortar counterparts; but largely because of the disproportionate number of for-profit schools. At the same time, attending a course virtually can preclude paying out of state tuition. More students in business students take courses online, but the breakdowns in other courses of study are negligible. However, the most important element of online education is that it is still a struggle for students to finish a degree online.

Online vs Traditional College

2 thoughts on “Cost & Benefits of Online vs. Traditional College

  1. norm

    My advice to nontraditional students I counsel about “going back to school” is to take the free online courses before they enroll for real money. Number one, it determines if they can handle the material, number two is they learn more when they take the course for credit and three is: they have taken the course before , it is much easier when it matters. It takes longer but many non traditional students have jobs where they can read and study at work. It becomes a choice between reading a novel or coursework during slack time at work.

    I must say: I’ve followed your blog for years and your take on online course work is outstanding in its depth and breadth .


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