Google Arts & Culture for Android & iOS

google-arts-cultureI have long been a fan of Google Arts & Culture (previously Google Art Project). It allows individuals to explore museums, exhibits, and historical topics around the world. For example, you can tour the works of Vincent Vangogh, explore Ancient Kyoto, or wander around the Lincoln Home (to name a few).

Previously, the robust features of Google Arts & Culture was reserved for computers. Now, however, you can download the free pap for your iOS or Android device. This is a great way to let students explore the different tools and features available via Google Arts & Culture on your classroom tablets or even on student smartphones!

3 thoughts on “Google Arts & Culture for Android & iOS

  1. robertlfs

    Another important point about these Google products is that they are very user friendly to create. I had a very informative convo with a rep from the Google Cultural Institute at the Museums and Computer Network Conference late last year. Very easy to create, and the folks are very helpful.

  2. jasonwilliam016

    I also agree with Robert that the folks at Google Cultural Institute are really helpful and Google has always been very user friendly with whatever products they have launched till date.


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