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While teaching at Texas Christian University (2010 Rose Bowl Champs!), I was podcasting my lectures. You can still access these for free via iTunes. These are all enhanced podcasts, meaning that they include the slides along with them. I’m including the titles and links below:

Jennifer Lockett’s Classical Archaeology (Spring 2009)

Jennifer Lockett’s Classical Archaeology (Spring 2008)

Jennifer Lockett’s Introduction to Classical Myth

Jennifer Lockett: The Ancient City of Rome

So check them out, listen, and enjoy!



13 thoughts on “My Podcasts

  1. Alan Steele

    Hi, I recently discovered your classical archaeology podcasts on iTunes. I’ve only managed to listen to the introductory lecture so far. You mention that the podcasts are enhanced, but I can’t find the slides to accompany the lectures, although I have found the PDF syllabi. Are the slides still available on iTunes or have they been removed? Yours, Alan.

    P.S. Probably unsurprisingly, as an ancient history and archaeology graduate, I found myself disagreeing with some of your assertions and statements about both the history of classical archaeology and the archaeology of Hissarlik, but I also found myself learning things I hadn’t heard before, so I’m finding it challenging listening to your lectures, which is a good thing. Thanks.

    1. Jennifer Lockett Post author

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying them! Keep in mind that they are about three years old and the Bronze Age isn’t my specialty😉
      The podcasts should have the slides embedded, so when you play it the slides should show up in your computer (the small video player in your iTunes window) or on the screen if you have an iPod touch or iPhone type device. Please let me know if you get it sorted!

    2. Antonio

      Its always great to have smnoeoe willing to share their advise in a way thats lighthearted and fun to listen to! Sometimes at the end of a long day, I dont always feel like reading a health article, so I love that I can listen to a podcast over dinner or tea! It helps me to focus on my goals and destress at the same time!

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  3. Bill Loring

    Loved your 08 and 09 TCU podcasts! Have you considered leading some sort of adults tour to Rome and the region similar to your class tours?

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  5. Vanessa Massey

    I was wondering if you’ve got your lectures anywhere else besides iTunes? I really, really don’t like using iTunes if I can help it….(and the lectures look so amazing!I)

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