My Resume and Portfolio

You can certainly learn a lot about me here on my blog. This section is reserved for those who would like to know more about my professional credentials, achievements, and credibility. If you have any questions, please be sure to drop me a note on Twitter or via email at jennifercarey00 (at)

If you would like to look at a copy of my current resume, please take a look at my LinkedIn Profile or email me!

My Articles at Other Venues:

PLP: Voices of the Learning Revolution

How to Get Hesitant Teachers to Use Technology

Hesitant Teachers Can Learn New Tech

Plagiarism vs. Collaboration on Education’s Digital Frontier

The Truth About Digital Portfolios and College Admissions

How to Gain Parent Buy-In for Classroom Technology Integration

Some Ideas About Teaching with Smart Phones

Live Report from the iPad Summit

Mind Mapping in my Classroom with MindMeister

DropBox: A Superb Classroom Tool

Google Drive: A Better Method for Giving Students Feedback

Evernote: A Great Tool for Organizing Teachers and Students

Some Low-Cost Summer PD Ideas for Connected Educators

Digital Literacy: Find Free (and Legal) Images for your Classroom

Don’t Let Google Drive Leave Tire Marks on your Lesson Plan

KQED Mind | Shift

Four Smart Ways to Use Cell Phones in the Classroom

How to Get Parent Support for Tech Use in Class

DropBox: A Multi-Tool for Educators

Is it Plagiarism or Collaboration?

Edudemic: Connecting Education & Technology

3 Quick Tips for Building Digital Citizenship

How to Use iPads for Personal Professional Development

Three Ways to Kickstart your PLN this Summer

Combating Plagiarism in the Digital Age

Digital Pedagogy (Selected)

Digital Storytelling

Cell Phones in the Classroom

Student Organization & Study


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