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Myths of the American Revolution & the Fourth of July

This month we celebrate the birth of our Nation on July 4, 1776. The origins of the United States of America are a fascinating study in human nature, idealization, warfare, and more. Not surprisingly, the stories that are handed down have become a mix of myth and history. This month’s National Geographic highlights some of the most perpetual myths of the Fourth of July. Read more on the article here.

  1. The Declaration of Independence was Signed July 4.
  2. Paul Revere rode Solo
  3. July 4, 1776, the colonists partied so hard it cracked the Liberty Bell
  4. Patriots all flocked to fight for freedom (considering I have Tories in my background, I know it ain’t true)
  5. The Declaration of Independence Holds Secret Messages
  6. John Adams Died Thinking of Thomas Jefferson
  7. America United Against the British
  8. Betsy Ross Made the First American Flag
  9. Native Americans Sided with the British

To find the real story behind all of these myths, read this article in National Geographic.