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Cost & Benefits of Online vs. Traditional College

Online and hybrid college courses and programs are becoming more prominent in higher education. While we are still early in the evolution of online education, there are some interesting trends appearing. For example, online courses are (on average) pricier than their brick and mortar counterparts; but largely because of the disproportionate number of for-profit schools. At the same time, attending a course virtually can preclude paying out of state tuition. More students in business students take courses online, but the breakdowns in other courses of study are negligible. However, the most important element of online education is that it is still a struggle for students to finish a degree online.

Online vs Traditional College
Source: Affordable-Online-Colleges.net

Higher Education – Not What it Used to Be

The Economist looks at Higher Education in American and examines whether the cost is truly ‘worth it’ for most American students now pursuing 4-year degrees.

Higher Education – Not What it Used to Be

What is that College Degree Worth?

We are all told of the merits of a college education and people often point out that college graduates make far more than high school graduates. But in reality – what is that degree worth? The truth is that not all college degrees are created equal and with the average student leaving college with a Bachelors Degree and over $24,000 in debt (far more if you pursue a Masters Degree or a Professional Degree), students should really know where that money is going.

A recent study has analyzed which degrees are worth the most. Not only do they consider average salaries (chemical engineers lead the list with $67,000), but also unemployment rates (geophysical scientists have virtually none whereas nuclear physicists and educational administrators are looking at almost 16%).

Read the article on MSNBC to learn what your degree can potentially do for you.