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Common Sense Media – Free Digital Citizenship Curriculum (Limited Time)

Common Sense Media has just announced that it’s Digital Citizenship textbooks are currently free via iBooks until September 30, 2016. After September 30th, the iBooks will go to $8.99 per device for the teacher edition and $1.99 per device for the student workbooks.

You can download the books via the iTunes store here.

Common Sense Media on the iTunes Store

image-1360x520I love Common Sense Media. They are an excellent resource for parents and teachers for topics such as Digital Citizenship, Online Safety, Online Ethics, Digital Literacy, and more. Best yet, the tools they provide are entirely free!

Check out their free resources on the iTunes store by clicking here; enjoy free iBooks, Apps, and other resources.

Common Sense Media Free iBooks on Digital Literacy & Citizenship

If you are interested in rolling out a Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship Curriculum in your school, check out these free iBooks from Common Sense Media. There are teachers manuals as well as student workbooks – all of which are entirely free.

You can learn more about the curriculum at Common Sense Media’s Blog¬†and by checking out the video below.

Digital Citizenship Week!

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

October 21-25 is Digital Citizenship week! Digital Citizenship is essentially being able to harness 21st century technologies to participate in the world at large, engage civilly in online discourse, and understand how to navigate 21st century tools and content.

There are a number of ways to celebrate Digital Citizenship in your classrooms or at your schools. Common Sense Media has some great ways to engage students, parents, teachers, and your community as a whole through education and activities.

While it’s a great time to specifically highlight Digital Citizenship, these are concepts and tools we should play with all year!