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Archaeologists Investigate Real-Life Murder Cases

Archaeologists in Oklahoma are being employed by the state to collect data and evidence in murder cases.

Read about this innovative program in KFOR article.

Ancient Mummies Solving Modern Crime

Doctors and criminologists in Vermont are using 2,700 year old mummies to explain modern crimes involving unexplained child death.

Information gleaned from mummy CT scans are helping criminologists and medical experts to determine accidental and intentionally inflicted injuries on child victim whose deaths are often labeled ‘unknown.’

Johnson said that just as important as helping officials learn if a crime has been committed, the new techniques can help prove an infant’s death was natural.

“It’s not always pattern of injuries that we find suggesting somebody did something wrong,” Johnson said. “There could be findings that nothing wrong happened or the story fits. It’s in the interest of truth.”

You can learn more about the techniques being employed in both of these Fox News Articles: 2,700 year old Mummy Helping to Solve Crime in Vermont and Vermont Enlists Crime Fighting Mummy as well as this Yahoo News Article.