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Greek Austerity Measures Spell Danger for Antiquities

© MSNBCWith the debt crisis and pending austerity measures in Greece, one of the great losers in this could be the Antiquities of Ancient Greece. Already plagued with deficiencies in conservation, preservation, guarding (as highlighted in the recent armed theft at Olympia), Greek antiquities face further cuts. Greek authorities are reaching out to private investors and philanthropists, but without much success.

To read more about the campaign to preserve Greek Antiquities, see the article at MSNBC.

Public Education in TX: A Round Table Discussion

This month’s Texas Monthly published an article entitled “Night of the Living Ed,” it was the edited transcript of a round table discussion on dealing with Texas’s current debt crisis and the continuation of Public Education. Texas Monthly online presents the full transcript here.

The participants in the round table (various state government officials and local superintendants) addressed the current budget crisis and potential fixes. Sadly, little, or nothing, appears to have been accomplished. At the core of the issue is:

I think we are where we are today because Texas has always been a low-tax state and yet it’s always been a state that believes in education, and those two commitments have been in collision for years. How do you have a strong public education system and give Texas children an economic opportunity and do that in the context of a low-tax state?

The transcript is quite long, so I advise you to bring some type of caffeinated beverage. Still… what will become of Texas’s public school system which already suffers?