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Friday the 13th – Fears, Realities, & History

Do you suffer from triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13)? Even the least superstitious of us seem to go on high alert today – Friday the 13th.  Check out this list of bizarre superstitious practices on MSNBC that are still prevalent today.

Is it unlucky? Why do we fear it so?

MSNBC published an article today looking at the statistics today with some alarming results (and fascinating insight). Apparently, unlucky events (car accidents, falls, etc) happen at more regular dates on the 13th, but perhaps for reasons other than cosmic misfortune.

So, where does this fear of the number 13 come from? Apparently, it’s a combination of mysticism, religion, and… who knows. National Geographic explores our irrational trepidation.