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Online Exhibit: Exploring the Early Americas, Library of Congress

The Dresden Codex, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Dresden Codex, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Library of Congress is an amazing repository of cultural items relevant to the Americas. In their online and interactive exhibit, “Exploring the Early Americas,” the Library of Congress highlights important archaeological and historical discoveries of pre-Columbian and post-contact indigenous America. Some of the highlights of the online exhibit include the Dresden Codex and the detailed records of the excavation of the Aztec Sunstone. In the interactive exhibit, explore how to read Pre-Columbian artifacts or explore some of the earliest maps of the American continent.

The exhibit allows you to explore the myriad of cultures and peoples throughout the Americas well before European contact as well as the clash of civilizations that ensued with the arrival of Spanish explorers.

Check out the exhibit in its entirety here.