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Archaeologists Argue That Fishhooks Were Used 42,000 Years Ago

Archaeologists are arguing that fishhooks, a microlithic tool technology, have been used by humans as early as 42,000 years ago. Archaeologists working in East Timor, within the island chain of Indonesia, have produced evidence that humans were using fish hook technology for deep sea fishing much earlier than thought.

To learn more about the findings, see the article on MSNBC.

Better Reasons for Using Tablets (via Once and Educator…)

A great blog, Once an Educator, just posted an excellent blog about the role that tablets can play in education.

In the Philippines now, there’s been talk of schools adapting the use of tablets for basic education. Tablets, being the latest “it” device, are seen as having great potential for teaching. After all, students seem to take to it very well. (On the other hand, students take to everything technology-related very well.)

In the media, however, most of the coverage about the device centers around its capacity to reduce the weight of heavy books lugged around by students. (Case in point: this news report about E-tablets replacing bulky books and this blog post about an all girls’ school in Metro Manila also exploring the use of tablets to replace their books.) In both of these reports, the tablet seems to be touted as no more than an ebook reader–place all of the textbooks in one light and nifty device. Though I’m sure we all agree that the tablet does do that, I think we need to refocus and see all the other benefits of the tablet, over and above its function as an ebook reader.

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