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Roman Shipwreck Full of Wine Jars Found in Mediterranean

Nautical Archaeologists have recently discovered a Roman era shipwreck off of the coast of Albania. The wreck, which dates to the 1st century BCE was filled with amphorae used to store wine. Archaeologists believe that merchants were transporting the wine from Albania’s vineyards to be sold throughout the Mediterranean.

In spite of its age and relatively shallow depth (50 m below sea level), the wreck is remarkably well preserved and nearly all of the vessel seem to be in tact. Both American and Albanian archaeologists will work together to excavate the findings and are excited about the potential for insight it provides about this period in Roman history.

To read more about the wreck and its findings, see this article on MSNBC.

More on the Roman Grado Shipwreck

Discovery News has written more about the Roman Shipwreck (termed the Grado wreck) off the coast of Italy. I wrote about the shipwreck in an earlier post: “Shipwreck Had Onboard Fish Tanks.” The wreck seems to support historical accounts that the Romans transported live fish across the sea.

the scientist and historian Pliny the Elder (23 – 79 A.D.), wrote that live parrotfish were shipped from the Black Sea to the Neapolitan coast in order to introduce the species into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Read more about the story in this Discovery News Article and view the photographs here.