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Highlight of Product at the AP Conference: Shmoop

Ever heard of Shmoop? If you haven’t, you will… soon.

Shmoop is a study resource for students, an in-depth teacher’s guide to topics (cuz sometimes we don’t know everything – except me, I know everything), and a series of exam study guides for AP, SAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, etc.

While Shmoop has plenty of resources that are free, the paid resources are the true gems. At incredibly discounted rates, they will give instructors basic summary material, key terms and ideas, topics of conversation, related readings, quizzes, images, and so forth

For students, the advantages are even more – course study-guide, summaries of topics (for last minute cramming), key lesson plans drawing connections to modern figure and popular culture (much to my chagrin, I heard that they even use Twilight). Their practice tests for the AP, SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject tests are full-length and are available in much higher numers than any other test prep organization (where you learn techniques in how to guess – the focus of Shmoop seems to be helping you to really learn!

You can access Shmoop not only on your computer, but your iOS device, Kindle, Sony eReader, and the Nook (with more coming soon). So, check out Shmoop and be sure to follow them on twitter: @shmoop.

** I am in no way , shape, or form affiliated shmoop. I am not paid or this endorsement nor do I receive any other privileges or special treatment. This has been written solely from my own experience and perspective.