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My Experience in Teaching a Class on Wikipedia, Part 2

This is a great series about using Wikipedia in the classroom. Many educators and students are wary of the tool. However, Robert highlights its role in a class that he taught this Fall. Check it out!

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I posted last week about the class I led this semester, Wikipedia as a Research Tool with freshman in the Honors Program at the University of Memphis.  That post provided background on how I constructed the class and shifts in student thinking about Wikipedia over the course of the semester.

For a portion of the student’s final exam, they responded to two questions aimed at evaluating the course experience.  First, I asked about the most important insight they gained from the class.  Second, I asked the students to recommend changes for the next time  the course is offered.

Below I present a representative sample of student responses to the first question and my commentary.  Next week, I will follow the same format on the student suggestions about changes for the next time I teach the course.

What was the most important insight you gained from this class?

Perhaps the most…

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My Experience Teaching a Class on Wikipedia, Part 1

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Many educators have an unhealthy relationship with Wikipedia. While we may use it to grab some quick information or knowledge, we tend to forbid our students from accessing. On the one hand, we recognize it as a ready repository of information on the other hand we are hesitant to accept its validity. Check out Robert Connolley’s College Seminar class on teaching Wikipedia. I promise, it will be eye opening!

My Experience Teaching a Class on Wikipedia, Part 1.

Using Wikimedia in the Classroom for Creation

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.16.53 AMMany people are familiar with Wikipedia, the online open encyclopedia. However, Wikipedia is just one component of a larger Wikimedia world. One of my favorite tools for students to use for creation is Wikimedia Commons. This is a repository of images, sound, video, and more that is free for users to use and share (with very limited licensing restrictions).

Materially hosted on Wikimedia is under an open content license. This means that users can reuse the material without contacting the creating, but:

  • some licenses require that the original creator be attributed,

  • some licenses require that the specific licence be identified when reusing (including, in some cases, stating or linking to the terms of the license), and

  • some licenses require that if you modify the work, your modifications must also be similarly freely licensed.

If you have your students create videos, presentations, websites, or more, this is a great place for them to learn about copyright law and licensing restriction without fear of unwittingly violating the law.